Friday, December 28, 2012


There's an apple pie fresh out of the oven, I can smell it. It's a good night already. My idea of a perfect Friday is just this, a quiet night, dessert and a glass of red wine. I've been stuck for these past two days updating my shop and working on new listings, I feel like I'm developing couch sores from all this sitting around, staring at my computer screen. But, it had to be done and now I can enjoy my weekend and come Monday I'll have a clean slate to start on some new items, and then the cycle continues. I feel like I'm finally getting better at running my shop so hopefully my positive attitude towards business will reflect in my work. I basically just started around January of last year so I'm now starting on my second year. I learned so much in one year, now it's time to take everything I know and put twice as much effort into making my dreams come true. I know I have the talent, all I need now is my own studio so I can continue to spend my days filling orders and making products that people love. <3 Is that selfish or is it possible for life to be so great?