Sunday, September 9, 2012

mom jeans

"Earnesty and clarity, those wonderful mentalities of decent positivity are all that we can scribe, but misery and poverty they follow me and my family and though it seems that I can't win, I think I have to try."
-Andrew Jackson Jihad

Simple outfits and bare feet help me beat the heat. It's still extremely hot here in southern California, and I find myself wiping sweat off of my face every few seconds. How's a girl supposed to feel pretty in heat like this? I keep my confidence by finding a couple simple pieces of comfortable clothing that stand out and grabbing a big, floppy hat. A couple of my go-to threads are my DIY high shorts and my big button-up, collared shirt. I didn't care for the whole "mom jean" trend at first, and even thought it was kind of silly, but what can I say, it grew on me. I never really thought about owning a pair until one day, while shopping at the Goodwill it sounded like a fun idea to cut up a few of the old pairs of jeans hanging in there. So, I bought a pair, cut them up and bleached some of the color out of them. I love their new color, and I even though I cut them at kind of an awkward length I don't think it really matters. I've learned to appreciate the mom jeans and actually really like the way they fit on me and how they look. There's always something cool about being a little old school.

With just a little bit of work on the jeans, this outfit cost no more than twenty dollars. (If I had put on some shoes it would have added on to the price a little bit, haha.) There are so many good reasons to shop thrift, I love the things that I find and how they inspire me.

Shirt: Crossroads Trading Comany, Santa Monica
Jeans: Goodwill, DIY
Arm Band: Farmers Market
Wooden Bracelet: IHsquared

with love,
neena noel