Sunday, September 9, 2012

happy weekend

We can all thank my friend, Torrie, for the above picture. Thanks Torrie <3. In case you didn't know, Torrie is a very talented young woman with an already excellent collection of artwork and you can discover her here: torrieanneart. I had a great weekend with this fine lady and our lovely boyfriends down in the LBC and even got a chance to explore around town to take some pictures. This weekend has been a nice break, but I'm excited to get back to work on some of my projects as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow.

I was, however, a little bummed to find out today that my free Flickr account has run it's course and I'll have to upgrade to a Pro account to continue to share all of the photos that I'd like to share. You got me there, Flickr. Until I upgrade only some of my photos will be viewable, so I'll be holding off on adding too much to my album. It may seem like a silly concern but I am definitely looking forward to the day when I can afford to upgrade my account. I would love to continue creating albums where people can look at my photos without having to read all of my ramblings or scroll through my piles of webpages. Buy me a Pro Account?  Maybe? (click here to see my photo album.) Hey it's worth a try, and I know I would be eternally grateful for such generosity. $24.00 is too much to ask for, but you can cover me for three months for $7.00 if you click "Buy Now." I'm patient though and willing to wait until I have some extra money to expand my photo album.

All of that aside, I appreciate everyone who has supported me with my shop and my other projects, and to all of the people that are reading, advertising and following my blog, thank you all so much. Every little bit helps and I'm happy to know that I already have so many supporters in the beginning stages of a long term goal. I promise I will not disappoint! Much love, now here are some things to look at:

That was quite the large handful of pictures, 
and I just had to include the cute little animal piƱatas too. :)

with love from, 
neena noel