Wednesday, September 5, 2012

it's raining

Etsy favorites! I have a couple of new Etsy favorites that I thought went well together including some skull jewelry from UNKNOWN SOUL and a cute little tunic that bought from Karmologyclinic. I got my shirt on a sample sale so it was only $16, and I love it, it's the perfect length and color. I love taking pictures of all the nice things that I own, I feel like it gives them more of a purpose and a place in my life. Sharing my collections of things makes me so much happier than just wearing them or letting them sit around the house.

"Happiness is real only when shared." 
-Alexander Supertramp

I've been thinking a lot about fashion blogging since I already seem to document the rest of my life and my projects. I've tried at it before but never really seem to like the pictures I come out with even though I have some of the greatest outfits. I definitely don't fit in with the rich girl fashion bloggers and all of their expensive clothes and beautiful model faces. I'm more of a discount shopper with an outdoorsy lifestyle, so I love great thrift store finds that can look fashionable and still be able to handle a nice walk in the woods. I have made a LookBook which I've posted a couple of outfits on buuuut that didn't go over so well with the LookBook audience and I seem to enjoy closeups of bits and pieces of my outfits more than the big picture. Maybe I'll get back around to it someday with some more confidence and some awesome photos. I feel like blogging on top of working through Etsy could really benefit me if I can get a large enough following, and I know that if I work hard enough at it I can make my dreams come true. 

Koko photobombed me!

 Top: Karmologyclinic on Etsy
Rings and Bracelet: UNKNOWN SOUL on Etsy
Tights: American Apparel
Knee Socks: Junkee in Reno, NV

with love, 
neena noel