Monday, September 3, 2012

green tea for me

So much of my life consists of being a homebody, wandering around outside, drinking iced, unsweetened, delicious tea and crafting. I'm finally getting back into using my camera more, having a good phone camera has been so convenient that my other cameras have been missing out on some good shots. I have two awesome digital cameras thanks to my father, and the one that I've been using more and more recently is his old Canon Rebel XSi. I also have some film cameras that my dad has passed down to me including an old Nikon, a Hasselblad and a Polaroid camera that I would really love a chance to use. I've never really used many cameras so I'll need some time to learn the basics first, but nothing needs to be perfect so I think I'll like my random, flawed shots all the same. Film, please?
Well, I've really been enjoying sitting here writing when there's nothing else on my list of things to do about just as much as I enjoy taking little pictures about my life. So, here are some random pictures to go along with my random ramblings.

with love, 
neena noel