Saturday, September 1, 2012


I hope y'all are having a good weekend, I definitely am. I found some awesome stuff at a neighbors garage sale, had some adventures and an all around great time in Ojai. For the three plus years that I've lived here this was the first time that I've ever gone garage-saling, but being right across the street from my house I decided to wander over and check things out. I remember always finding a bunch of crap and occasionally one cool thing at garage sales when I was younger, but I've opened my mind and broadened my horizons since then and I can now definitely agree that one girls trash is another girls treasure. We all get tired of our little possessions after a while, even some of the things that used to be our favorites - I love garage sales and thrift stores because they give a chance for something that was once loved to be loved again rather than sitting around collecting dust. I know I will constantly be recycling through things as long as I live, donating the old and finding other peoples old treasures, and hey, it's cheaper too! I got six new things for 9$, definitely scored.

Perfectly hand-knit sweater / blazer, in love and for only two dollars.

I finally have a couple of real wine glasses!

The origin of this necklace was unknown but those are some gorgeous hand-carved beads, I'm thinking they might be African?

This is the coolest nightlight I've ever seen.

with love,
neena noel