Wednesday, February 6, 2013

make something day thirty-seven

Today I made: Valentines <3 For each one I just used a little crocheted heart, attached some jewels and tied it to a candy bar. I hope everyone likes heart shaped reese's! In case you don't know how I put up a simple pattern for making crochet hearts right here, each one only takes five minutes and they're easy enough to teach your kids how to make so they can pass out something unique, heart-felt and handmade on Valentines day instead of plain old store bought cards. But they're not just for kids! I'm almost twenty years old and I still had tons of fun making these for my friends. 

For the bling just put a regular finding around the top of your heart and then attach some fun beads. I just pulled out some old jewelry and craft boxes and found some random pieces to attach.  I used a variety of beads and ribbons to show you that the possibilities are endless when making these. There's only one week left until Valentines day so if you're still looking for something to pass out, here's a project that's fun and easy, just get some candy, add your own personal flair and wrap 'em up. <3