Thursday, February 7, 2013

how to crochet hearts

Crocheted hearts are easy to make, super quick and they're adorable.
They're a perfect project for beginning crocheters as well as masters of the art.
Once you get the hang of it each one takes approximately five minutes to make,
and you can use them to make jewelry, decorations or to teach your kids how to crochet.

Read more to find out how to make them with my simple pattern:
You can use practically any yarn, but for starters I recommend using a regular worsted weight yarn with a size H hook.

-Make your starting knot and loop it onto your hook
-Start by crocheting in the round
 Chain 6 & join by going back through your 1st chain, yarn over & pull through, CH 1 to start a new row.
-To make your heart you're going to Double Crochet into the center of the circle you just created:
DC 11, & do NOT join with your first DC, 
pull through and tie off by tying your end yarn to the middle circle.

So basically, you're just making a circle, or the start to a hat. It only takes one row of double crochets to make a heart and by not connecting the starting and ending DC's you create a cute heart shape. Making sure to tie your end yarn to the circle in between your starting and ending DC's also helps round out the shape.