Thursday, January 3, 2013

make something day three

Today I made: a new turquoise necklace. It didn't take too long and I have a ton of jewelry making supplies and materials laying around. Over the years I've developed a real knack at making jewelry but it's not something that I do often and it doesn't sell very well in my shop. Maybe one day I'll be able to use all of little jewelry boxes that I have and send some pretty pieces off to new homes and new customers, but for now I can just enjoy it as a hobby and widen my personal jewelry collection. 

In other news, the sweater that I'm wearing in the first photo is hand knitted and straight out of my grandmothers closet. It's flawlessly made and I probably wear it way too much. I'm always surrounded by art and handmade items, my life is just a mess of creativity.

#MSED 365
(Make Something Every Day)