Thursday, January 10, 2013

make something day ten

Today I made: a painting for my mother. It's kind of a late christmas present, but more just an idea that I wanted to create for her. I'm not overly excited about the finished product, but decided to call it finished before messing it up any more than I already did. But!, there is a story behind it. It's called Ave Maria, and is from a scene in Fantasia where a bunch of robed beings are seen walking down a path carrying torches and singing the chorus to Ave Maria. While watching Fantasia together, she went on about how much she loved this scene and how it was the one of the songs played during her mothers funeral. Though sad, I know that this song holds importance in her heart, so I took my memory of the visual scene and recreated it. It didn't exactly come out as good as I intended it too, mostly because of my few mess ups that I had to cover up, but the important part is that she likes it!