Tuesday, December 11, 2012

handmade holidays - tree trimming

My first post for this year in Handmade Holidays! I may have started my holiday gift-making a little late, but it's not over yet! I want to show you guys all of the crafty, christmas-y things that I'm able to come with. I'll be expanding my inventory with 'ready to ship' items for quick, holiday delivery and I'll also be sharing the gifts that I put together for my loved ones.

I'm not cheap and I love to spend my money on stuff for my friends and family but this year I'm trying to put a little more meaning behind my gifts while supporting small businesses and the art of crafts. Sorry Wal-Mart, but mom doesn't need a cheap pair of pj's this year. And I'm not saying that store bought gifts mean nothing, it's all about finding that special something for those special someones whether it's cheap, expensive, handmade or edible.

I simply intend to spark some creativity and spread some holiday cheer. Handmade Holidays is for those of you who love to craft and may be in need of some last minute gift ideas, and for those of you who are supporting us independent artisans this season by buying handmade gifts. So, for starters, I have some brand new Christmas tree ornaments up on Etsy:

Made with a wool / mohair blend
Pre-made and Ready to Ship!