Friday, November 16, 2012

winter welcomes

It's the rainy days like these that remind me to breathe in and enjoy life. Though I may mostly stay indoors there's nothing stopping me from changing my state completely and going out to run in the rain. Whenever I go outside I always find myself looking up the sky to see how it's changed since I last saw it. When you look straight up in the rain it's as if you're looking up into the infinite. Raindrops fall from a vortex above you and the sky, grey, glows beautifully as if there is no sun but instead some sort of mystical place beyond your daily imaginations. The cloud cover is a dreamland, reminding us to step back and relax for just a moment.

Maybe it's the clean air or the calming winter chill, I don't know, but seasons greetings always seem to ease my mind. That is until the holidays get closer. I look forward to the busy-ness though, especially since most of it will be creating gifts for people. One thing that I desperately need to do is get my sleep schedule back to normal and start waking up earlier! It doesn't help that I always stay up til 2 in the morning but getting out of bed at noon is starting to become a real drag. 

 xo neena noel