Saturday, November 17, 2012

old and new

Just in the middle of preparing for Black Friday.
I, personally never go shopping on Black Friday
because I can't stand the hoards of people going crazy over stuff they don't need.
However, nowadays all of that can be avoided because we have THE INTERNET!
And I believe that both the buyer and the seller can benefit
from having an excuse to mark down the prices and put on some sales.

So, to all of those awesome, amazing people buying handmade this year,
Black Friday will be the day to check out Etsy.
Thanks to them all shops having a sale will be covered.
I made sure to put a bunch of pre-made items out there for quick delivery.
What better time to knock some presents off of your list?
I'll be supporting handmade by shopping around all over Etsy next weekend, 
and by crafting my hands off and making trades to check everyone off of my Christmas list this year.

And heey crafters! 
Don't forget about those near you who may not have much to celebrate this year.
There are always local groups and organizations accepting donations for warm clothes, 
and you know how to make them! 
I'm sure those affected by Hurricane Sandy could use a little love too, 
so empty out your stockpiles of unused handmades and show your helping hand.

What's new:

Sale: Friday, November 23rd through Monday, November 26th
xo neena noel