Sunday, October 14, 2012

sunday funday

Happy Sunday. 🐱 I had a weekend full of camping, music and art with my bestest friends and my painterly mother. Now I'm ready to just relax and maybe make myself a cup of tea. 😙🍵 🌙
I desperately got my phone replaced this weekend after discovering that my computer charger had broken, so I'll just be using this for now which means I'll unfortunately have to keep my shop closed a little bit longer than planned. And I also won't be able to upload any pictures from my camera for a while either! The plus side is that I'll have some extra time to crochet some new pieces and work on some of my other projects. No computer, no problem!

Annnnnnnd I got a henna tattoo, this new outfit, shirt, shorts and all and a bunch of other new clothes from a clothing exchange tent at the LA Decompression Party. Yay for free clothes! I thought a little bit about starting my own clothing exchange online. Like maybe gather a group of bloggers who all send each other one item and then continue to pass it on to other bloggers? Sound like fun?

anonymous journal entries

october 2012

I'll get down on myself about the stupid things I've done or the embarrassing situations that I've gotten myself into. I feel like people immediately judge me for some reason or think less of me because of the problems that I cause in my own life.
I wonder what people truly think of me or what they would say about me, but then I realize that though some people are seemingly normal and seem to keep themselves out of trouble, every body has their stories, their memories, their mistakes and their mishaps. Every body hits a rough patch and every body has done something they're not proud of.
Everybody has had different experiences but really we're not all that different from each other.