Saturday, September 15, 2012

who am i anyways?

I come from the Myspace generation and you all know how fun those bulletin board surveys were. Here's a little "twenty things about me," and I know people rarely read them but we all love to dig into our minds and think about a few things that we'd be willing to share with the rest of the world. When I find a blog or a webpage that I'm genuinely interested in I'll be curious about the person behind the photos. I've been scouring the internet for inspiration and also for other beginning photographers like myself. So, I've started up a couple new projects and I'm revamping my webpages in hopes that they can appeal to like-minded people. 
Project one: I've redirected my old tumblr to a new one with an about me for people who are interested. I hope to be a friend to those who have battled with similar issues and a friend to those who aspire to reach similar goals as me. I have a few photos of my own on there, but it's mostly a collection of photos that inspire me. -->
Project number two: I've been getting way into Flickr and joining groups to share my photos. There are so many talented people hiding out on that website, though I feel like my photos are no where near as good as some it gives me room to grow. I created a group for people to share their favorite photos with me. I'm asking a favor of other photographers to give me something to be inspired by and I can't wait to see others photography and what they've chosen to share with me. Come join, everyone is welcome -->

Now for the fun part..
One. I've lived in Southern California for my entire life, all the way from birth until now. 
Two. I could never keep a journal. I'd write a few pages for a couple days straight and then give up on it. Eventually I'd grab a new notebook and try writing again, but I never finished a single one. I have piles of empty and partially full notebooks in my closet.
Three. I have been a pescetarian since the age of six. Meaning I don't eat any meat besides eggs and fish. (I'll occasionally eat chicken ever since I was reintroduced to poultry when I was fifteen.)
Four. Natural Born Killers is my favorite movie of all time.
Five. I have never broken a single bone in my body, nor have I ever been pulled over while driving. People always tell me to "knock on wood" when I say such things, but I think I'm just lucky. (:
Six. I have 442 artists on my iTunes and 7,834 songs. That's 21.8 days of non-stop music. (Thanks for the stats, iTunes.)
Seven. I'll make sense out of something in my mind, but can never seem to put my thoughts into words that make sense to others. Sometimes I just wish I kept things to myself.
Eight. I take most of my photos with a Canon Rebel XSi that my father passed down to me. I have three other cameras, one digital and two film. I hope for my collection to grow.
Nine. Though I control how often I eat them, I am obsessed with Hot Cheeto Fries.
Ten. I would rather read a textbook and learn about a subject on my own than take a class about it. I graduated high school a year early by going to a school that allowed me home school myself and I found that I learned more that way. Classrooms full of people just distract me.
Eleven. A couple of my pet peeves are watching commercials and people who yell out of moving car windows.
Twelve. I drive a 1998, silver Mustang convertible. The paints peeling off in places and it has some dents and bruises, but I love it all the same.
Thirteen. Both of my ears are gauged, size 00.
Fourteen. I love reading but I can never find time to finish a book. I like autobiographies, drug stories, true stories, Hunter S. Thompson, tragedies, comedies, etc.
Fifteen. I've been clean from heroin for a year and half to this day. It's a thing of the past, don't judge.
Sixteen. I have one of the cutest dogs in the world. Her name is Kokopelli and I got her as a little baby puppy only seven weeks old. She's all black, medium sized, pointed ears and an unknown breed full of love.
Seventeen. I love the ocean, I really feel like it keeps me sane.
Eighteen. I have no tattoos but I want many.
Nineteen. I consider myself to be Pansexual, choosing my partners based on who they are not their color, creed or gender. 
Twenty. I love incense and hookah and all those other peaceful things.

with love,
neena noel