Saturday, September 29, 2012

"It was an island of sophistication in an urban wasteland. Artists repulsed 
by the commercialism of the entertainment industry felt comfortable there, artists
with no money were comfortable there, artists who wanted to live amongst
other artists felt comfortable there. But all good things come to an end, often a 
sad angry miserable end. The cause for such an end can usually be whittled down to 
one of three things: money, sickness, love lost. Artists have always had an 
uncomfortable relationship with money. They need it, but are often 
repulsed by those who have it. For as long as there has been money, and
art, and people willing to spend money on art, communities initially set up
by artists have been overrun with people with money who want a taste of the 
artist's lifestyle, despite the fact that the reality of the lifestyle is far harder, 
lonelier, and more boring than can be imagined."

Bright Shiny Morning - James Frey

Be Back on October 9th,
neena noel