Friday, August 24, 2012

wednesdays in L.A.

So, my mother and I planned a trip to downtown LA's fashion district in search of some wholesale yarn stores, or any yarn store. What did we find? A crap-load of fabric, shop after shop full of all types of fabric, but no yarn. I'm still trying to find a good place to purchase bulk quantities of yarn, but as of now I'll continue to buy from my current supplier, (though they refuse to return my calls and e-mails when I have a problem with my orders from them). As for today, we decided to go out for lunch in LA and then head over to Santa Monica for some shopping and a walk on the pier.

Veggie Pesto Panini at the LA Cafe - it was delicious 

Bought a few balls of yarn in Santa Monica - Coral is one of my favorite colors!

Throwback - Taken at Santa Monica Pier in May 2010

with love,
neena noel