Friday, August 24, 2012

summer colors

A much needed post - We all like to wear our favorite colors and the colors that compliment ourselves. Customers are always asking me for a list of colors that I have available to make my products in. My color supply is constantly changing, but my suppliers generally always have the same colors. I've photographed some of my favorite colors for the season from browns to blues. I currently have all of the choices photographed in stock as well as some others, and most of my colors are available for me to get quickly and make into a finished product. My choices are definitely not limited to the colors that I have posted! I can make made to order tops in almost any shade, however, some colors may have to be ordered online which can add a few extra days onto the creation of my finished products. If you'd like to request a specific color or a color that you don't see in my shop, please contact me first considering I may have to special order my supplies online.

From top to bottom - Pale Turquoise, Taupe, Coral

Naturals - Brown and Taupe

Front - Sonoma Print, Back - Tea Rose

Top - Pale Turquoise, Bottom Left - Light Blue, Bottom Right - Bright Blue

Sunshine colors from left to right - Deep Red, Coral, Pale Yellow

with love,
neena noel