Friday, August 24, 2012

the beginning

I'm still working on getting this blog setup, and still just starting out. I'll start off by saying my name is Neena Noel, and I am a young hobbyist/artisan. I have my own shop on Etsy called Motavations, where I sell handmade works of mine. Mostly I'm currently just working on selling bikini tops for the Spring/Summer seasons. All of the bikini tops in my shop were designed by me 100%, so I've really been enjoying showcasing and selling those projects. However, I do also make many other things including feather earrings, hemp jewelry, crocheted jewelry, shirts, scarves, etc. I hope to get some of my other projects up for sale for the Summer, but for now I'm just working with what I've already got up in shop. Here are some of my favorite projects:

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with love, neenanoel