Thursday, July 26, 2012

etsy favorites

Some of my favorite items that I've received through Etsy trades and purchases. I love all of them, and am honored to own and wear the unique jewelry and accessories that other artisans have created for me. I am also grateful that I've had the opportunity to communicate directly with these people and get a more personal experience with others who love to make things as much as I do.

i n s p i r a t i o n
l o v e
c r e a t i on
m o t i v a t i on

From top to bottom:
Metal feather earrings & wooden ring - Roots & Feathers
Hand-carved wooden dreamcatcher earring - The Gypsies Caravan
Hand-painted belt buckle and hand-carved wooden cuff - IHsquared
Size 00g GLOW IN THE DARK! tentacle plugs - Katy Marie Creations
Hamsa cuff earrings - Atelier Yumi
Gold feather iphone case - Touch Soul

with love,
neena noel