Friday, August 24, 2012

hot yoga

I have a tendency to be very anti-social sometimes which can keep me from doing some of the things that I'd love to do, such as taking a yoga class. Thankfully, we have the internet - a whole world of possibilities. I've looked around for yoga videos for quite a while and ran into some that cost money, some that were too difficult and some that were not long enough for a full yoga workout. I finally came across this video from which walks you through 20 basic yoga positions. I found it to be very helpful, and have been practicing it for a while. (Plus, the young men in the video are not hard to look at. :) ) Now that I know the basics I feel comfortable enough to actually get out there and take a real yoga class. I'll be looking at fliers and updates around my town, Ojai, for some yoga classes to attend.