Friday, August 24, 2012

back to work

Been slacking off these past few days with some of the goals that I'm trying to accomplish, but definitely not slacking off with my orders! At least I can be responsible in some aspects. For one, I've been using my phone to document instead of my camera, (sorry baby canon!). So, no new photos, except for those I've dragged over from Instagram. And also, I haven't gotten around to making any jewelry though ideas are rushing through my head like crazy! So, to combat my procrastination I'm taking some steps to get organized and stop being lazy, starting with cleaning my room. I've written out a schedule for the week focusing on cleaning one part of my room at a time, (it's bad..not like smelly, moldy, rotten bad, just clothes shoved and thrown everywhere bad). I've gotten so many clothes from the Goodwill it's about time I take some back and clear out some space in my closet. I'm only donating, I will not buy anymore Goodwill clothes, I will not buy anymore Goodwill clothes, I will not buy anymore Goodwill clothes. (For now at least :p)

Once my room is clean I'll be able to put some of my new stuff in there. I received some goodies from Etsy in the mail this weekend including a gorgeous pair of earrings from AtelierYumi. And while shopping around with my boyfriend I picked up an awesome new incense burner and some delicious Coconut & Amber scented incense from Salzers, a record store in Ventura.

I may be lazy but at least I still dress myself!
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with love, 
neena noel