Thursday, January 21, 2016

throwback thursday

photos from: January 22, 2014

hello, beautiful people! this is my first blog post in years, since I stopped posting a while ago and focused my attention on other social media networks.. but I just recently decided to bring back my blog, and since it's Thursday I chose to start off the new blog with a throwback. I definitely have a sweet spot for reminiscence and nostalgia, I love looking through old photos and reminding myself of all the good days that I've experienced. so, this is my new place to share all the good days, life changing experiences and the beauty of my little world, past and present. 

these photos in particular are of one of the many custom orders that I've made. some of my best products are made thanks to custom order requests. I love making a persons dream for their perfect top come true, and I especially love seeing the individuality that goes into every different persons choices. this top came out so sweet and pretty with delicate ruffle detail and light blue and purple colors. I've never made another just like it, so this one is truly one-of-a-kind. ♡

 I retired this "bandeau" style top a few years ago, however, I'm still happy to make them for anyone looking to place a custom order. in case you didn't know already, I run a shop on Etsy called Noelebelle. I started Noelebelle in 2011 and have offered many different products and designs over the years. most of my products are crocheted but I also dabble with other arts & crafts sometimes. 
if you'd like to check out my shop or place a custom order of your own, visit