Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ninety through ninety-nine

I've been doing nothing but filling orders for the past ten days. Most of my orders are for the same fringe bikini top in various colors and sizes. Because of that I haven't bothered to document everything and instead I've been putting most of my energy into my shop. There are a lot of time consuming aspects of running it even though Etsy makes it pretty easy there's still effort in packaging, shipping, marketing, advertising, keeping everything up to date, communicating with customers, making improvements and of course, creating the products to meet my buyers expectations. Oh, and my computer has been damaged and the tracking pad isn't working properly which has been making blogging and other computer work pretty difficult. But there's always time to crochet!

I know my posts are usually clumped together and not as frequent as they were in the beginning. I thought that maybe I could really make something new, that I've never made before, every single day but now I realize how impractical that sounds considering some of my projects take a few days to complete and I still have a shop to run. I'm not going anywhere though I might be terrible at documenting and I'm definitely not going to stop making awesome stuff. If I don't blog for a while, don't think that I've quit, I'll just be working and crocheting in the background.

xo neena noel