Monday, January 7, 2013

make something day seven

Today I made: the third scarf in this set. The other two were already completed but my plan was to make a bunch of them for my shop so I decided to crank out another one. I intended to tie dye them in solid colors once I had a good amount of these done but I'm not sure how popular they'll be so maybe I'll just start with a few and see how it works out?

In other news, today I started out with a troubled mind and bad thoughts but these days all I have to do is think positively if I want to change my mood. Though sometimes it's difficult to be happy or even content, I just need to count my blessings and realize that the bad thoughts are just a waste of the time that I could be using to make improvements on my life. Also, I promise to get my camera back out soon but for now I'm just using these instagram pics so I can make my posts quickly and get one in every day to keep updated on my msed365 project. 

#MSED 365
(Make Something Every Day)