Monday, January 14, 2013

make something day fourteen

Today I made: a purple scarf for my grandma. I'm notorious for giving late christmas presents, but I've finally checked everyone off of my list! 
Thanks for reading and looking at my crappy pictures, I wanted to try on grandmas scarf without spending too much time taking photos. I'm really OCD about my pictures and especially how they look on my webpages, so grainy cellphone shots can really bug me. Even while reading the Etsy blog today I read and I quote "Makers and creatives tend to be perfectionists. The devil is in the details, right?" and it is so true. This is a problem that I'm trying to get over because I think as long as my shop looks nice and the content of my pictures is unique and well framed then people will like them, and that not everything needs to be perfect especially when it's just taking time away from my main focus. And hey, I'm going to be doing this a lot this year so I think I can put my name on this, be proud of the work I've accomplished and let this one fly for today. I'm off to go fill some orders for my beautiful customers! xo