Monday, September 24, 2012

the blank page

I'll keep searching and I'll keep dreaming
I'll keep loving and I'll keep leaving
I'll fly high and I'll swing low 
I'll live fast but I'll take things slow.

I just want a world of my own.

Hello, Autumn.
I'm glad you're finally here.
Summer made me miss you even more.

Because there is always room for improvement,
l. Keep everything clean & organized
ll. Take more pictures
lll. Make things that I am proud of
lV. Keep an open mind
V. Live by my schedule

I'm ready for the harvest
Oh, luminous moon,
black nights alone
it's for you that I swoon.
Bold, aglow
it's all too soon
I'm shot back down
to wait again, 'til high noon.

with love, neena noel