Monday, September 17, 2012


 What was it that brought me here? What is it that keeps me here? My mind spins in circles and though sometimes it may slow down I keep getting asked questions I don't know the answer to. When going with the flow stops flowing so easily I need to create my own current. My life would be so much easier if my decisions didn't affect other people, but it's for the best that they do. I can continue to chase my dreams but how long will that last once I've gotten what I want?

Though I have so much inspiration, I'm losing motivation. My hopes may be irrational but only because I'm not trying hard enough. I keep telling myself that I need to just sit down and work but I never know where to start. So many times I want to drop everything and just explore the world with nothing but necessities, no need to keep track of time, no time to waste, nothing to waste. I feel so disconnected now yet all I want is to disconnect further.

I am no where near breaking. I have some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. My life is so full of inspiration, I just have to stop diluting it by taking the wrong paths. When I wake up from my dreamland, I'll know which direction I have to take to find my solace. My life only continues to improve despite all of my negativity and all of my worries are only temporary.

with love,
neena noel