Friday, August 24, 2012

sunsets and short shorts

I've had bottles and boxes of fabric dye and old pairs of thrifted project jeans sitting in my closet for ages waiting to be used. Though I procrastinated my way through this project I finally finished (I think) a few pairs of upcycled shorts. I love the way the dip-dyed shorts came out and I have another pair that I plan on sewing some lace onto. Though I consider the dyed shorts to be done I might still add onto them just for fun, maybe embroider or paint a sun onto a back pocket? Once I decide whether or not I'm finished I'll most likely put these shorts up in my shop, but for now I'll post some pictures of the creating process for those of you who are interested:

Cut off the Mom Jeans into some high-waisted and low rise shorties

Let 'em soak in a tub of bleach and water

Took this pair out early just to make them look a little washed out and faded

Done bleaching

Time for dye

Dyed both bleached pairs with the lightest color first, lemon yellow

Lastly, dip-dyed the rest with scarlet, both for different lengths of time

with love,
neena noel