Saturday, February 16, 2013

make something day forty-seven

Today my boyfriend and I made tea candles out of Mickey's 12oz bottle caps. It was a great idea and they're fun and easy to make, plus it's an excellent way to recycle! Mickey's bottle caps just happen to be the perfect size for tea lights but my boyfriend was talking about making candles out of the bottle also which would make for an awesome candle set. Maybe he'll even make me one of my very own!

Want to make your own Mickey's tea candles? It's pretty simple if you just buy the wax and wicks, but I'm sure you could find a way to make your own wax if you'd like. 
 First, get a pack of Mickey's 12oz grenades and drink up! Oh, but before you start drinking make sure you have your wax and wicks. I just bought a regular tub of soy wax from Michaels and a pack of wicks (the shorter the wicks the better so you don't have to cut too much off) both of which came out to about $15. All of the instructions are on the box of wax so once your caps are ready you can get started on making them into candles. :)